Why some companies fail in choosing a freight forwarder: price vs. service.

By: Explect, January 26, 2023


What is more important to you when choosing a freight forwarder, a low price or good service? A freight forwarder is more than just a link with a shipping line. International shipping is complex and requires knowledge and experience in various aspects of the supply chain. An experienced freight forwarding company can offer various services in addition to transportation, and more importantly, they can provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Read on to gain a more profound understanding of why you should always select service over price.

“Good freight forwarding service is priceless”.

Cost savings are essential for every business, but beware! When it comes to freight forwarding services, it can backfire if you base your choice solely on price. Freight forwarding is no different from any other business in the market; you always get what you pay for. Moving cargo globally is a complex process; therefore, it is usually not a good idea to choose a freight forwarding service based solely on the cheapest price. A lower price often translates into sacrificing service and unexpected costs later on.

Below, we give you three key indicators for excellent freight forwarding service.

Provides constant, up-to-date information on the status of your shipments:

A good freight forwarder is aware of the importance of good communication. Knowing the status of your cargo at every stage of the supply chain is important for your business. It enables you to plan ahead and keep all stakeholders well-informed.

As a trading company or a distributor, questions such as “When will we receive our order?” may be constantly asked of you.

That is why active communication is essential, with Explect Online, tracking and managing your shipments becomes easy. So, you always have insight, into whether your goods are going by sea, air, or land. You can see at a glance the status, milestones, updates, ETD, ETA, and more. Available 24/7 for you and your team. When it comes to logistics, every minute counts.

Takes your interests into account:

All shipping arrangements and negotiations on your behalf should have one goal in mind: to benefit your business. A good freight forwarding company knows that every decision they make about your cargo directly affects your business. For example, a responsibility of a freight forwarder is to carefully investigate every carrier they want to hire transporting your goods. This prevents problems with the safety and timely delivery of your cargo.

Offers proactive solutions:

Freight forwarders should always think proactively when offering you a shipping solution. Every risk or outcome will be considered before deciding on the best way to handle your cargo. Sometimes customized solutions are necessary, a well-informed freight forwarder never offers a solution without being clearly aware of your needs. You want to know what the transit times and costs are. You want insight so that you can make better decisions. Should I fly? Can I go by boat? What is my CO2 emission? With Explect Online, you get the insight to make the right decision.

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