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Why should you insure your transport?

When transporting goods, something can go wrong. Research shows that 50% to 80% of globally shipped goods are still not insured or insufficiently insured. Import and export shipments, especially those from outside Europe, pass through many hands, are transported in various ways, and therefore carry an increased risk. Often, it's only at the end that the damage to the shipment becomes clear. That's why it should always be a no-brainer to additionally insure your shipment against damage, loss, or theft, especially if you're transporting goods that are susceptible to damage.

Even if you don't have any damage, you can still face high costs. This is called 'Averij-grosse' / General Average: When damage to the ship or cargo arises from an action that aims to save the ship, the crew, and (the rest of) the cargo in an emergency situation. For example, throwing overboard the deck cargo. The damage caused is recovered pro rata, including from the owners of the cargo. This became painfully clear again with the grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal.

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