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Planting trees

We plant a tree for every booked transport.

Every year, 10 billion trees disappear net. Everyone knows what this means for the environment, people, and animals. That's why we plant a tree for every transport. How do we do this? Explect helps to plant trees and restore existing forests. You can also make a difference by planting a tree with us. We do this in collaboration with Trees for all. The forests where the trees are planted are sustainably managed. In foreign forest projects, we collaborate with the local population. This improves farmers' income and restores tropical forests.

Offset CO2 emissions

By mapping the footprint of your transport, you know how much CO2 you emit. You can reduce this emissions in various ways and compensate for the remaining CO2.

Check the CO2 compensation box on our platform when booking, and we will compensate for the CO2 for you. All forest projects are certified and guarantee the amount of CO2 sequestered. The impact on social, economic, and ecological aspects is also monitored and controlled. Will you make a difference with Explect to reduce your carbon footprint? Want to learn more? Book an appointment with us online.


Thepresentmovement connects entrepreneurial people with meaningful initiatives.

They believe that everyone wants to contribute, but doesn't always know how. The Present ensures that your expertise is used as best as possible by matching you with a suitable initiative and project. This way, you can do what you're good at, and they can keep doing what they're good at! Explect helps with its knowledge and possible resources. We have already helped several parties. Need help or want to help others?