Release V12.0 platform

By: Explect, June 30, 2022


Afgelopen maanden hebben onze ontwikkelaars hard gewerkt om voor jou een compleet nieuwe versie van het platform online te brengen. Dit is ondertussen versie V12.0 Tijdens deze update is er van alles aangepakt. In dit artikel kan je precies lezen waar allemaal aangewerkt is.

  • Appcues | Appcues is added; first login will show a quick walkthrough
  • Authentication | If a valid user does not have a valid entity, redirects to create entity page.
  • Authentication | New users will get redirected to signup properly
  • Authentication | Re-registrations for old users are handled more fluently
  • Cargo units | Load faster
  • Client Entity | External quote allowed setting is retrieved correctly
  • Discount options | Add coming soon message, as it should have had already
  • Geographics | Small improvements to place recognition (place names with diacritics will be recognized to be the same as the same name without diacritics)
  • Homepage | Tasklist shows assigned tasks
  • Messaging | Redirect url's now take into account the freight forwarder
  • Meta | Digimentr's roadmap is visible
  • Product Overview | When adding a product, also links to the EU's Access2Markets page you can view here your Import duties and VAT.
  • Quotation calculation | calculates when rate is based on LDM
  • Quotation calculation | Insurance is no longer added multiple times in quotation creations
  • Quotation request p1 | Resized fields to match common inputs
  • Quotation request p2 | Add visible errors when filled values are not allowed
  • Quotation request p2 | Contents are no longer required to be in a package, but are a separate list altogether.
  • Quotation request p2 | Monetairy values are allowed in contents
  • Quotation request p3 | You can now search on incoterms in the dropdown
  • Settings | Changes to settings will be reflected in the changer's platform immediately
  • Statistics | Descriptions are translated to Dutch
  • Statistics | Quotation division shows what the columns mean
  • Support | Big support tickets will load correctly
  • Transport overview | Stores last used view; blocks or bars
  • Transport tracking | Extra API tracking is added; updates add. fields, assignment and events.
  • User Groups | Editing your own user groups works

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