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Our dream client is a company that trades globally, believes in innovation, and values exceptional service. We welcome challenges from our clients to work together with Explect to simplify their logistics, transform their operations digitally, and grow their business. You can count on us, even in case of shipment issues. Your business is our business. Your challenges are our challenges. We are proud to be a part of your crew and journey.

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar

YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar was founded in March 2012 by a passionate team with a vision to change the way people in the Netherlands enjoy drinks together. It has since become their mission to introduce everyone to that same unforgettable moment of drinking tea by carefully selecting their teas, developing drinks using fresh ingredients, and continually expanding their offerings.

"Explect enjoys brainstorming with you and will not let you down."
Isaac Andrea
Isaac Andrea Management - YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar

As a freight forwarder for YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, we have tackled and solved various challenges to ensure that their teas arrive at the right places and at the right time. First and foremost, we have developed a reliable and efficient logistics solution to ensure that the teas are delivered safely and on time. This includes finding the most suitable transport routes and creating detailed schedules to minimize delays.

Furthermore, we actively brainstormed with YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar to find solutions to any problems that arose, such as delays in delivery or unforeseen issues. We work closely with their team to ensure that their products are delivered where they are needed.

Overall, as a freight forwarder for YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, we have helped their business grow by ensuring that their teas are delivered in a reliable and efficient manner. By focusing on quality, efficiency, and reliability, we have helped YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar keep their customers satisfied and strengthen their reputation in the market.


“We build sports clubs in refugee camps and create sportswear for the world.” With dedication and passion, every destination in the world is achievable, including Kalobeyei.

logo van klabu
"Together with Explect, we make delivery possible anywhere in the world."
Jan van Hövell Founder - Klabu
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-27 at 15.50.42

We are proud to partner with KLABU, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of refugees through sports. It is inspiring to see how KLABU is making a positive impact on the lives of refugees residing in refugee camps through sports.

Jan, the founder of KLABU, contacted us through The Present and shared their mission to provide sports equipment to refugee camps, including Kalobeyei. Together with Jan, we worked on a solution to deliver sports jerseys that can be used in the camp to emphasize the importance of sports and teamwork.

We understand the importance of having a reliable logistics partner, and we were happy to use our expertise to support KLABU's mission. It was not only an opportunity to welcome new customers, but also to be part of a greater cause and contribute to a better world.

By collaborating with KLABU, we learned about the challenges that refugees face and how we can help improve their lives. We are proud to make a positive impact and look forward to contributing more to their mission in the future. We have become fans of KLABU and will continue to support them in their mission to use sports as a means to change lives.

If you would like to learn more about KLABU and their amazing work, please visit their website at

Sense Trading

GLOBAL DELIVERY OF VARIOUS MEDICAL PRODUCTS MediSense odor tests, taste tests, virus tests, and sterilization bags

"The collaboration with Explect is very pleasant and usually runs smoothly."
Raymond Tel Owner - Sense Trading
Foto 1

For several years, we have been working with Explect for large import shipments from outside the EU. The collaboration came about because I was looking for a reliable party that could import our pallets and deliver them directly to our customers at a competitive price and with good service. These are the words of Raymond Tel, owner of the trading company Sense Trading. What is important is that the pallets are transported quickly from A to B, but the additional service of removing stickers/packing slips from the manufacturer and placing our packing slips and paperwork was also a requirement. Explect greatly relieves us of this burden, saving us a lot of extra work and storage space since everything can now go directly to our customers without having to go through our warehouse.

The shipments that Explect has taken care of for us mainly relate to one of our product groups: the gas bags. These bags are used for air sampling, including emission measurements in the automotive industry. In addition to the gas bags, our main product group is the odor and taste tests. These medical tests are used all over the world by universities and hospitals in the field of odor and taste research. All of these products can be found on our website,

The collaboration with Explect is very pleasant and usually runs smoothly. The online portal makes it easy to request quotes and convert them into orders. Once the shipment is booked, we can easily add the corresponding packing slips, invoices, and data so that everything is clearly organized. A collaboration that adds value to our logistics!

F&B Investment

We are a company that treats wastewater in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We have been doing this successfully for years and continue to innovate. We have a patented technology Turbo4Bio.

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"Explect is an indispensable partner for us in worldwide transportation. They always think along, are always friendly, and nothing is too much to ask. In addition to all personal contact, the platform is also very pleasant to work with, but especially to have insight."
Jenny Badreddine Chief Operating Officer

Our organization specializes in sustainable and environmentally friendly treatment of wastewater. With years of successful experience, we continue to innovate by using our patented technology, the Turbo4Bio. Our mission is to contribute to a better and cleaner world by offering high-quality solutions for wastewater treatment.

As a globally operating organization, we are always seeking a reliable partner to help us transport our products. We have found that Explect has become an indispensable partner for us. They always think along with us and provide us with personal attention. It is reassuring to know that we can always turn to them, no matter how complicated the situation. It is nice to know that we can rely on their expertise and experience in providing logistics solutions.

What really stands out to us is that Explect not only works on a professional level but also treats us in a humane way. It is nice to know that we are working with a partner who is friendly and thoughtful and always makes us feel important. Additionally, the platform that Explect offers is very user-friendly and provides us with a clear overview of all our shipments. We can always get insight into the status of our shipments at any time, which gives us a lot of peace of mind.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Explect and would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable partner in logistics and transportation. Their professional approach and personal touch make them an indispensable partner in our daily operations.


Seepje produces laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, dish soaps, fabric softeners, and hand soaps from the best ingredient's nature has to offer. We use the shells of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit from India and Nepal. We only use the cleanest ingredients, and together we pay a fair price for them. Our mission? A cleaner and more beautiful world! We now have over 20 different Seepje products available at around 5,000 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. And that's important to us because the more people who use Seepje, the more we can do together for people and the environment. You can wash with the super shells themselves or with one of the liquid Seepjes. Will you go for the Freshly Squeezed Spring scent or the Free and Happy scent…?

"Many parties didn't want to help us, because we were just starting out and small. But Explect did."
Melvin Loggies Co-founder

When we decided to start as young entrepreneurs importing products from Nepal, we had little knowledge of how to approach it. We were often rejected by other parties because we were small and unknown. Luckily, we came into contact with Explect and that was a turning point for our company.

The men from Explect helped and guided us throughout the entire import process from the beginning. They introduced us to the world of transport and logistics and helped us find the best solutions for our challenges. Their professional approach, knowledge, and experience were invaluable to our company.

Thanks to Explect, we were able to grow our business. Currently, our products are sold in over 500 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and grateful for the indispensable help of Explect.

What we particularly notice about Explect is their personal approach. Despite starting as small entrepreneurs, we were always taken seriously and received personal attention. The men from Explect always made us feel important and supported us in our success.

We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Explect and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable partner in logistics and transport. Their personal approach, expertise, and experience truly make them an indispensable partner for our company. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration with Explect.


As a leading specialist in horticultural communication, Floramedia collaborates with clients throughout Europe to develop creative media solutions for all channels.

"Explect offers reliable and efficient express shipping services for clients like Floramedia, ensuring fast and secure delivery of their products throughout Europe."
Michiel Expeditie

As a leading specialist in horticultural communication, Floramedia collaborates with clients throughout Europe to develop creative media solutions for all channels. For our clients, our high-quality products for their plants must be delivered on time. That is why we need a reliable partner for our logistics and transportation. Fortunately, we have found Explect, a company that has been helping us with urgent transport for many years.

What stands out to us about Explect is their reliable and professional approach. We can always count on them to keep their promises. Explect keeps us informed about the progress of our shipments and offers us the best prices. They have helped us deliver our products all over Europe, and even during Brexit, they were able to provide us with valuable advice that saved us a lot of money.

As a company that focuses on the quality of our products, we must work with a reliable partner who offers the same care and precision as we do. Explect understands our needs and provides us with the right solutions for our logistics challenges. Their expertise in transportation and logistics is invaluable to our business.

Our clients spend a lot of time and care growing their plants, and we create quality products that reflect these efforts. By working with Explect, we can ensure that our products are delivered on time and that our customers remain satisfied. Their reliable and professional approach makes them an essential partner for our company. As a leading company in the horticulture industry, we have high standards for the quality of our products and services. We are pleased to have found a reliable partner in Explect to help us with our logistics challenges.

Explect offers reliable and efficient urgent transport services for clients such as Floramedia so that they can deliver their products quickly and safely throughout Europe.

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