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A little secret…. Our mission is to make you, as an entrepreneur, a global player. We do this with technology, knowledge, and attention. All these elements can be found in our network. Explect has the best network all over the world! And we don’t just keep this to ourselves. If you want to import or export, there is a lot involved. Explect consists of two words Explore and Connect we have built up a worldwide connection to agents and contacts. Together with our network, we ensure that global trading becomes easy. We can make almost every transport possible. Whether it is a Door to Door solution or a unique project together with our partners, we make it a success.


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Are you buying goods from around the world? Are you going to import, do you want to do that without worry? Explect helps you with that. We help you with worry-free importing of your goods.

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Do you want to sell goods abroad? Then you start exporting, do you want to do this most efficiently? We are happy to help you with that. We deliver your products worldwide in a secure way.


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If we ask our customers how they experience Explect, they often say; reliable, helpful, and friendly. Because apart from our logistics platform, what makes doing business easier. We have a great team. Our team is a mix of innovative people with experience and knowledge in both digital solutions and in the logistics sector. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. We would love to get to know you and help you further.

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