your supplier offers as good as he is to deliver to goods to the port of Rotterdam. The price looks very favorable compared to the freight forwarders in the Netherlands.

The price is even so favorable that the price of the supplier is even half the prices of the Dutch forwarding agent.

Until the shipment arrives at Rotterdam, everything seems to be going well. Then the shipment must go trow the customs and you will get in touch with the warehouse where the shipment will arrive.

At that moment it appears that you still have to pay an invoice to the warehouse. This is 3 to 4 times as high as tthe price offer of the freight forwarders in the Netherlands. How is this possible?

Most suppliers offer a price for transport with the incoterm CIF. They really deliver to the harbor quays.

Unfortunately, we still often get calls and emails of importers that the shipment arrives and that importers are surprised with the enormous costs.

Often there are finacial posts that the warehouses apply that do not apply to your importting shipment.

Inform yourself well and let yourself be informed before you start importing. We are happy to help you.

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