Let’s take as an example that you want to import from China.

What is possible and how do you get it ad your location.

For an example let’s say you want to import from China there are 3 options to import your goods.

By boat, plane or train.

Each type involves different types of documents and costs. Also, the Incoterms are different for every type of transport and have different consequences.

The different types of transport also involve other costs and transit days.


For example, air freight is the fastest in the number of days but also usually the most expensive type of transport.

Transport by train is often cheaper than air freight in transit days. 2 to 1 week faster than by boat. The price tends more towards air freight than sea freight

Per boat is often the longest but certainly the cheapest way of transport, also this is often. You could choose for LCL or FCL sea freight shipments

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