we make it work

A team that is ready to provide you the best service

Explect is the company, but without the people, Explect would only be a name.
The success of Explect lies in the work that is done.
Every day our team works to help our customers as well as possible.
Our team is a mix of innovative, experience-filled, helpful people.

We would like to introduce you to part of our team..

Part of our team


Born and raised in logistics, dedicated to customer service.
As a young boy he already walked around the warehouses and went to customs  ad the terminals to have documents stamped.
Ensures that all our customers are helped friendly correctly where necessary.


If it is about financial operations or legislation, then Martijn has the answer for you.
He has comprehensive experience that he likes to share with our customers.
His network extends to the other side of the world, he connects you with the world.


Master in organizing transport and keeping in control.
His mission is to transport your goods as well as possible.
He is ready for your logistical challenge.