We make shipping goods easy

We combine technology, knowledge and guidance.

We know shipping goods can be hard. But we are here to help you. With our experience as an international forwarder, we have created the perfect tool for you: Explect Online.

Explect Online makes logistics, import and export easier for you than you can imagine. By far the easiest available, from your first request up to delivery. Whether it is a small box or a full container, we offer you the solution to your needs by air, sea, rail, and road.

Need help? We have a team for you to support you in any way we can. We are your independent and trusted advisor, our mission: to make you a Global Player.

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Save time, do only the necessary, and have better control of your logistics

All the benefits of shipping with Explect Online

All your quotes easily created and available for you in one overview
Just one click to turn your quotation in a booking
All the relevant documents of your shipment, added to your shipment
Get advice on the use of the best incoterm for your transport
Track and trace, with all the dates that are important to you
No more endless email stories, all the communication at the relevant place
Easily pay your invoices online

In 4 steps from request to insight in cost and duration

It doesn't get any easier


1. Locations

Specify the locations where we should pick up and deliver the goods.

2. Freight

Specify the freight that will be shipped.

3. Incoterms

Specify the incoterm.

4. Confirm

Check everything and let us calculate your price!

4 Steps into easier shipping

1. Enter E-mail address

2. Check you E-mail

3. Accept the invitation

4. Login at Explect.Online

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You want proof how Easy it can be?

Need shipment options? Only choose between: Fast, Green, Cheap



It might not the cheapest way, but you are assured of the fastest way to ship your goods



Will be shipped using transportation which is the friendliest to the environment



It might take some time, but this is the cheapest way to ship your goods


More than online

If we ask our customers how they experience Explect, the most mentioned quotes; reliable, making it easy, helpful, and friendly.
While our online platform makes doing international business easier for you, it is not where it stops.
We have a great team with a mix of innovative people with experience and knowledge in both digital solutions and the logistics sector. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.

We would love to get to know you and help you

Do you want support in your first steps? No problem, let us call or email you.